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Multihead Weighers

Product is loaded from a bulk supply, which may typically be either a floor mounted, or alternatively, a high level hopper. In the case of floor mounted hoppers, product may be elevated by slat band or magnetic elevators, and is fed on demand onto a ‘V’ trough vibratory streaming tray delivering onto a radial feeder at the centre of the MULTIMASTER.

The MULTIMASTER consists of a centrally located radial feeder receiving product on demand and supplying to twelve linear vibrators arranged around its circumference. These linear vibrators feed product on a time basis into individual high level ‘catch’ pans. Upon receiving product, the catch pans then discharge into low level ‘weigh’ pans beneath, which are attached to precision loadcells.

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When requested to discharge, the MULTIMASTER’s microprocessor scans the contents of each of its twelve ‘weighpans’, and calculates the required combination of heads to give the optimum accuracy per discharge. In general three to four heads will be selected, providing for extremely high levels of accuracy and speed to be achieved.

The framework and mounting plates are of a solid rigid construction providing the strength and stability for the most demanding of environments.

All vibratory feed trays, catch pans, weighpans, and discharge chutes are produced from polypropylene, providing a long component life and minimising noise levels. To aid noise reduction, the lower part of the Multimaster is also enclosed with quick release panels, these are easily removed, providing access to weighpans, electronics, and pneumatics.

Advanced Features

  • Radial dispersion feeder incorporating a highly sensitive weight sensor, ensuring accurate control over product level & smooth delivery.
  • Self monitoring system, automatically optimising average weight & standard deviation.
  • Fully automatic or manual control over both vibration level & feed times of radial feeders.
  • Display facility of all weigh-heads, feeders, etc., providing trends and actual data of individual heads.
  • 100 product memories containing individual set-up and timing parameters of each product.
  • Minimum weight, average weight, and count modes.
  • A range of interface and synchronisation configurations to suit broad variety of individual line requirements.
  • External printer facility for logging of statistics.
  • Computer link-up facility for remote capture of statistics.
  • Extensive test & diagnostic functions

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