Bulk Fill & Top Up Pre-made Bagging Machine Solutions

The BP400 erects, presents and fills a wide range of bags, pouches,etc., up to 400mm high at speeds of up to 36 per minute.

It features a microprocessor, menu driven operator pod, allowing easy adjustment of all machine timing to suit specific bag sizes. All bag & machine parameters are saved against unique product codes, so extremely fast changeover times can be achieved.

Built-in vacuum & filtration facilities mean that the only connections required are electrical and compressed air supplies.

The BP400 is fully compatible with all methods of manual, semi-automatic and automatic filling and ‘dose call’ programme sequences. It can be supplied with tailor-made conveyor units, or integrated with existing conveyor equipment.

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Bulk Fill & Top-up

This incorporates the BP400 with auger driven bulk-fill and top-up systems, electronic programming, trend control, and weight control. This machine has been designed for maximum speed throughput, balanced with weight accuracy.Output speeds vary depending upon product, weight, etc., but typically a mid-range speed would be in the order of 22 bags per minute on a fill weight of 1.5Kg of for example flour. The accuracy in this case would be 0.25%.

The control system monitors the bulk and top-up filling stations and dynamically adjusts dosing parameters to optimise line speed, whilst ensuring that bulk feed is maintained within acceptable range.

Vibratory Setting

Settling units receive filled bags from the BP400 outfeed conveyor, and apply vibration while transferring onward the bags, very effectively removing any air that has been introduced into the product during filling.

Gusset Forming Unit

The gusset forming unit is placed at the end of the line prior to the sealing head. This unit tucks and closes the gusset at the top of the bag to ensure correct shape and presentation into the sealing machine. These units are very versatile, and easily adjusted to handle a diverse range of bag sizes. All timing related to individual bag sizes is automatically recalled during bag selection on BP400.