Conveyor Systems

A wide variety of In-line container handling and filling systems are available, and range from a simple conveyor with single arrest & fill station up-to fully automatic systems incorporating two or more filling heads and including both volumetric & gravimetric filling. In all cases, we can offer container unscrambling, capping, labelling and collating to suit your requirements.A typical two-metre long rope conveyor with an integrated weigh fill station. This example includes an ‘EasiFill’ auger filler and provides an ideal solution for both volumetric & gravimetric filling of composite containers, at speeds of up-to twenty fills per minute depending upon product characteristics and the volume of fill.

A touch screen operator panel is employed offering all control facilities and parameter settings. Product code facility is available for pre-setting individual timing parameters for each size / type of container to be run, optimising speed & efficiency for all containers to be handled.

Construction is extremely robust with high quality stainless steel finish.

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Bulk Fill & Top-up

For applications requiring gravimetric filling accuracy at a medium speed, a programme forward system provides an excellent solution. Line speeds between 20 – 40 containers per minute can be achieved, depending upon the volume & type of product to be discharged and the container to be filled.

These systems can be fitted with two or three filling heads. The first filler (first two fillers in the case of a three head system) discharge on a volumetric basis to form approximately 70 – 80% of the overall fill, the container is then transferred into an integral weigh station that constantly monitors the product bulk density and adjusts the bulk fillers accordingly, as well as calculating the required discharge for the top-up fill on an individual basis. The container then transfers beneath the top-up filler and receives the calculated discharge. Finally the container is transferred to the integral check-weigh station that monitors & dynamically corrects any density variations from the top-up filler, and verifies that the total fill is within the pre-set tolerances. Should any out of tolerance fills be detected, these can be rejected at the next index station or tracked to a pre-determined reject station.

An optional container tare weigh station can be fitted at conveyor in-feed for tracking actual container weight, should varying container weight be a problem. This would usually be the case of containers such as glass jars for example. Optional vibration stations can be included at fill points & if necessary at subsequent stations to aid product settling within containers. Statistical reports on filling performance can be generated by connecting optional printer to the data connector included as a standard feature on all lines. In common with other in-line systems, a touch screen operator panel provides line control & parameter settings.