G Webb Automation are proud to announce the latest addition to its range of high performance rotary container handling machines. The IT-200/400 Rotoplant is a servo driven indexing turret that can include the following features; Filling, check-weighing / trend feed-back & can seaming all within a single turret.

The company believes that this is one of the most compact and cost effective solutions currently available on the market. The IT-200 can be tooled for a range of different container diameters, and Speeds of up-to 60 containers per minute are possible. The integrated check-weigh station provides trend feed-back to the integrated auger filler, and also can track out of tolerance weights to a reject station placed at the turret out feed. The can seaming head incorporates rapid change over tooling to cater for different lid diameters, thus allowing a complete machine change over to be carried out in less than fifteen minutes.

All control functions & machine parameters are entered via a high resolution touch screen operator panel that includes a logon function for operator, supervisor & engineer’s level of access. The standard panel includes 1024 product codes, networking facility, printer facility for hard copy statistics reports, machine parameter set-up etc..

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Control System

A high resolution 10.4″ color touch screen sealed to IP66 controls all functions of the machine, including the auger filler (EF-III or SF-III) if fitted.1024 product codes are available ensuring that even the huge range of products and containers that in some cases will need to be run on a single machine can be catered easily for.

The control system can provide a host of statistical information, depending up on machine configuration. Systems that include either gravimetric filling or integrated check-weigher options provide complete batch & shift statistics, including average weight, standard deviation, CPk, CPk+ & CPk-

All motors are variable speed (Conveyor, Turret, Turret & Vibration, plus In-feed & Out-feed Tables, auger drive, Stirrer drive & can seamer drives if the additional equipment is present). All Servo & inverter drives connect to the central control panel via CAN bus link that also monitor each individual drives status and error conditions in the unlikely eventuality of a problem occurring.

Sophisticated diagnostic monitor and alarm reporting is included, providing both pictorial & informative information on any problem, both within the machine itself & if connected, peripheral equipment both downstream & upstream of the IT-70.

An Ethernet port is included to allow connection to factory network. This allows for remote backup / restore of recipe & machine parameters, and the option to view the control screen in real time remote to the packing line, this can be useful for monitoring production and line efficiency. If machine configuration includes gravimetric filling or integrated check-weigher, then the optional “FillerNet” PC software is available for logging all individual discharges, and full statistics of each production run, as well as live graphs illustrating current statistics. This data can subsequently be re-loaded by a “FillerNet” client at any time to review / print raw data, running statistics, and a variety of graphs. Files are saved in “csv” format, and can also be opened by third party applications such as Microsoft Excel for viewing / modeling etc.

An RS232 printer port is also provided allowing hard copy reports to be produced of recipe & machine parameter settings.

The operator panel is multi-lingual, allowing for instant language switching.