GWA FillerNet+ Software

The GWA ‘FillerNet+’ is our latest Windows based software package that is available in three different levels of configuration and can be connected to up to eight individual fillers via Ethernet link. These can be installed at different locations (local or remote) and running completely independently of each other, the only criteria is that they are all connected to the same network.

Level 1 – Statistics and traceability

Display and log to ‘csv’ files all discharge weights and full statistics. Also provided is a comprehensive arrangement of graphs which can be viewed and printed to conveniently asses and analyze your data. Files are created and stored automatically and include date & time stamping within file name, any previously created files can be opened at any time either by ‘FillerNet+’, Microsoft Excel or any other application capable of reading csv files. If optional bar coding facility is installed on the filling machine/s, then this software can be used to provide accurate and comprehensive traceability of all production produced on connected packaging equipment.

Capability analysis (6 sigma) is included with CP CPK+ and CPK- thus providing a powerful tool in identifying the performance and quality of the filling process of monitored systems. Data can be collected under a common SAP Batch code or against the selected recipe/s.

Level 2 – Remote control

Displays machine status and allows remote control of connected machine/s. Recipes can also be selected remotely and functionality for editing of recipe parameters is also available with edit options defined against preset login accounts providing security to suit individual requirements.

This remote control functionality is in addition to the existing machine control panel that is left unaffected therefore provides multi-zone control / monitor facility. A maximum of six PCs may be connected to a single machine allowing for a maximum of seven control zones including machine panel.

Level 3 – Combined Statistics and traceability with Remote control

All the combined features of level 1 & level 2 in one great package.

Fillernet+ Screenshots

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Backup / Restore

The GWA Backup / Restore software allows users of any current touch screen controlled machines to be able to make backups of all “Recipe” data and “Machine configuration” settings. This provides an immediate restore of all settings to be made at any time should the control panel become faulty or is damaged. It also provides security if settings are inadvertently changed without recording previous set-up.Software should be installed on a windows based PC either connected to machine/s via company network, or alternatively on a laptop with an Ethernet connection. Please note that it is important to ensure that the machine network & subnet address are set to the same range as the PC that will be connecting.


VNC Viewer

UltraVNC is a free PC utility programme and distributed under the terms of the “GNU General Public License”.

All GWA touch screen controls come with an inbuilt VNC server, allowing a VNC client to connect via the Ethernet and view in real time the information currently being displayed on the touch panel. To connect to a panel, it is necessary to ensure that the panel is set to the same network range as the PC network it is attached to, then simply install either UltraVNC available for download from this page, or an alternative VNC viewer, enter the correct IP address for the panel, set the client for 256 colours and click on connect.

Further information on UltraVNC can be found at